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Becky Black
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After I spent far too many years not writing I started writing fanfic and original fic and now have several m/m romance novels published by Loose Id.

Novels published by Loose Id


Coming in June - a short story in the Dreamspinner Press Not Quite Shakespeare anthology.

Free reads - 2 free science fiction novels on Smashwords and Amazon

(Should usually be price matched to zero on Amazon, though it varies, because, y'know, Amazon.)

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You'll find me mostly on Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Goodreads these days.

In case you were wondering, this journal was previously under the name of junkfood_monkey. You don't need to change any links, as they will forward to this one indefinitely. If you're looking for my Junkfoodmonkey fiction website it's still there! and will stay up indefinitely.
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