April 26th, 2015

The Champion's Secret


Since I kept getting interrupted with edits and stuff for THREE different things under contract right now, I put the Into the Sunrise draft I was working on aside and I've taken the opportunity to chill a bit after an intense start to the year. Now I'm feeling ready to crack on with it.

I reread the 23k words I have so far - in which I managed to change one supporting character's name and jump from late summer to spring in two days of story time without the aid of a time machine. Nice. But other than first draft issues like that, I was pleasantly surprised. Today I reviewed and refined the outline. I think I'm around halfway now. It's not going to be an especially long story. So I'm ready to get back to it. Planning on starting on Wednesday, once release day of The Champion's Secret is out of the way and I have less busywork on my plate.

So I should finish it by mid May. Then have to decide do I crack on with another draft? Or do the edit of this one first? Well I'll decide then. It is kind of nice having a draft in hand so you can let one have a nice long rest before starting the edit.

Blog post yesterday was all about how The Champion's Secret came to be written because a supporting character just wouldn't leave me alone...

When supporting characters want their own show.