May 9th, 2016

Barista bear

Shock update! New website for my old fics.

Showing my face here briefly in case anyone from the old old days is still following this journal. Just letting you know I have a new website for my fanfic and others stuff I wrote back before I turned pro. The old one was meant to disappear by the end of April. At time of writing it's still up, but assume it will vanish at any moment.

The new site is as

There you'll find all the A-Team fanfics, the Madari Spin Off series, and some other fandom fics. There's also a page with links to the ebooks of Shoot the Humans First and The Battle of Hollow Jimmy.

Everything I'm putting up is there now.

I'd assume it won't be updated any more now it's all up, but who knows when the urge to write a fic might strike me!