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The best way to cheer me up - cover art!

Okay, there are probably better ways - like a lottery win, or Tom Hiddleston coming round my house to take me out on a date. But cover art is pretty high up there, and at least in the realms of "things that have a reasonably likelihood of actually happening."

I needed cheering up because I had a bit of a rubbish week. Work was crap. I was kind of ill for a couple of days. (You know when you feel like the giant flaming eye of Sauron has taken up residence inside you and cranberry juice is more welcome than champagne? That.)

But by today things had all calmed down a bit. And to finish the week on a good note I got the final version of the cover art for Immutable, the short novella I have coming out in the summer from Dreamspinner Press and saw the very nearly final version of the cover for The Champion's Secret, which is out later this month from Loose Id.

I don't have the go to share that last one yet, but I can show the one for Immutable. If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen it earlier. It's by Maria Fanning and it's so gorgeous I just can't, as they say on Tumblr. That back! The colours! The lettering of the title. Oh my god, that lettering! It's inspired me to do a future blog post about covers and how blessed I've been with mine from all three publishers I've worked with. Cover artists are an author's best friend. :-)

Here's a smallish version. Click on it for the full size one in all its green and gold glory.

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