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The best laid plans for men and men and writers...

So after an intense week of edits for Immutable from Dreamspinner I worked out how I could still get to my CampNaNoWriMo target for Into the Sunrise. It meant working hard but it was still doable. I got a couple of good days in. And then the first round of Mapping the Shadows edits arrived from Loose Id. Hah! It seems this draft is kind of doomed not to get very far this month.

So giving up on CampNaNoWriMo and just aim to get more of the draft done as and when I can, once this round of edits is done and before the next lot show up.

This writing thing you see, once you get a contract you lose some control over your schedule. Edits arrive and take over your life for a week. Deadlines decide what you'll do next, not your own fancy. You have to learn to be so flexible. Especially when as I currently have, you've got three things contracted and not yet out. Gotta learn to hop between projects like a mountain goat hops around crags.
Tags: dreamspinner press, editing, immutable, loose id, mapping the shadows

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