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More cover goodness and a great guest blog

So after last week's Immutable cover I can also now show off the cover for The Champion's Secret, which is out on the 28th of April. Sci-fi! Sport! Kilts!

The art is by Scott Carpenter. If you click on the picture you'll go to the high resolution version where you can see the highlights in the guy's eye, for goodness sake! :D I love looking at the hi-res versions of my covers. They make me want to lick the screen... (Did I say that out loud?)

That's James on the cover, looking big and mean and ticked off. Which is pretty much what James is like in the books. Guy needs to chill. Most important factor - he's wearing a kilt! I don't know if Scott Carpenter 'shopped that on there or what, but he's wearing a kilt as per the book and that's good enough for me. :D

And if you're over at my website, check out the guest post with Jordan L Hawk, where she talks about her new books Hoarfrost - number 6 in the Whyborne and Griffin series. That's out tomorrow. Squee!!!
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