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When Tuesday is just Monday on steroids

It was a bank holiday weekend in the UK this weekend just gone - which means Monday off work - yay! But the trouble with that is that it just allows the "Monday morning back to work" feeling to build up more a head of steam to let off on Tuesday.

For one thing it was pouring with rain. And my back went bad yesterday and this morning I could barely bend down to put my socks and shoes on. Ouch! Struggled out of the house, moving slow, umbrella in hand. Then after popping into Starbucks for my morning perk I dropped my carry out cup on the way to the station, which smashed, so it was goodbye to that and to the tall latte inside it that I hadn't had so much of a sip of. Grr. Got on the Metro, already running late, got to the stop before mine and "This train is being withdrawn from service due to a fault". AAARGH! So out we all get to wait on the platform in the still-teeming rain.

Thankfully the day didn't get any worse after that. In fact my back is slowly getting better and my stomach is being quite well-behaved lately, so by the end of the day I was feeling a lot better and came home in sunshine, the rain long gone. Fake Monday had done its worst but faded and gave up in the end.
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