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Hit the magic 30!

That's 30 ideas for scenes or events in a story I'm planning. Once I have 30 I know that once I start really outlining it seriously I'll have enough material for a novel. This one in a story set in the same post-zombie apocalypse world as Patient Z. It's not a sequel, though Cal and Mitch and possibly a couple of the others from that will make guest appearances. I have more than just a rnandom bunch of scenes. I do have a basic shape for the story too. And I've had a couple of zombie dreams lately too, so my mind is definitely ready to start working on this one more seriously.

I need a name for it soon. I could call it The Rule, because a central plot point revolves around my rule that however much the writer is trying to make you believe a character is dead, then until you the reader, or a character you trust, sees someone definitely dead, they are not dead. Right now after reading A Feast for Crows I'm hanging on tight to that rule about a certain character reported dead. LOL, anyway, I'm not calling it that. :D

Of course before I can write that one I have to finish the current draft, so am cracking on with that. I revisited the outline and tightned it up and now I know exactly where I'm going, it's just a matter of making it happen.

Had a nice day on Friday at a writing retreat with local writer group friends. Which provided some much needed cheering up after the horror of the general election result. OMG, a majority Tory government. I'm getting flashbacks...

Oh and check out this months recommended links post. Loads of good stuff.
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