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Bye bye, Live Journal

I think it's time to admit I'm not going to update LJ any more. Most of my Live Journal friends aren't active on here any more. Live Journal is not really cutting edge these days and while big stars like George R R Martin can get away with sticking on here because people will come to him, the rest of us, not so much.

The monthly books post I've been doing I'm going to take across to my author blog. That blog is getting a bit of a shake up too. Less in the way of formal "articles", more casual and fun. Until I've built up a new store of advice and opinion to dispense anyway.

Not saying I won't ever come visit and comment on anything on LJ. My account remains active - just no longer a paid account after September. I've backed everything up onto Dreamwidth in case of a future major existence failure by Live Journal.

It's been great, LJ. I think this platform is still unrivalled for interaction and conversation. Tumblr and Facebook and their ilk are not nearly so easy to engage in coherent discussions and conversations on.

I've made good friends here on LJ and some of the communities I've participated in have been enormously important to me and my development as a writer. Reading back over my entries over the years brings back great memories of my writing journey.

Love you always, Live Journal. I'll come back and visit sometime soon.
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