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We've had a preview of summer today

It was lovely and sunny and actually hot today - a perfect Bank holiday Monday. The chilly weather has finally gone, I hope. But the warm weather seems to have brought out the bloody moths that I have SOMEWHERE in my house! Argh! They pop up every summer. I have deployed the traps for the little powder-winged minions of Satan. I'm doing a spring clean next weekend, so will see if I can track down moth HQ.

I had a shopping spree and bought myself a new Samsung tablet. I went for a 10 inch one this time. That way rather then simply replacing my 7" and having it sit there gathering dust, it's more a complement to it. I'll take the smaller one when carrying a smaller bag, that kind of thing. I got a little bluetooth keyboard to go with it too.

Busy with the writing just now. Edits for a couple of different ones under contract done or just arrived (which has put a crimp in the drafting plans I had for CampNaNoWriMo, but oh well. I might catch up.
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Well yesterday was a stonker of a day (that's good, BTW)

So yesterday, Thursday the 2nd of April:

Woke up to an email from my editor at Loose Id, about the submission for Mapping the Shadows that I sent off about a month ago. (Literally woke up to. I read it on my tablet while still in bed. Like I was going to wait!) Acceptance!! Woohoo.

I think I've read more of my acceptances on my phone or tablet than on my PC. Being on the opposite side of the pond means the emails tend to come through either during the night my time or in the afternoon. I've read a lot of them in bed. They don't half get you up and about with a song in your heart. Of course the risk is of reading a rejection that way and wanting to just pull the duvet over your head and stay in bed all day.

Okay, anyway, that's my 12th one accepted with Loose Id. Sooo chuffed. It was last year's NaNoWriMo novel and I have to say is one that's given me the least amount of trouble of any book so far. Drafting was smooth. Editing was smooth. I had a pretty good outline, so that definitely helps.

What else made it a good day? Well I got Jordan L Hawk, writer of Whyborne and Griffin series and other cool books, to agree to be a guest on my blog later in April. Which is awesome. I love her books. I made Bloodline my favourite read of last year. She'll be on there on the 18th of April, just before the release of the new W&G on the 21st.

Then in the evening I was out at the Sage Gateshead to see a performance of Beethoven's 9th, with the Royal Northern Sinfonia and the RNS Choir. It was fantastic. The hall was full. Even the row of balcony seats that are actually behind the the stage were sold. It was a great atmosphere. Kind of fun that in the final movement the vocal soloists only came on stage right before they were to start singing. The bass literally started singing while still walking onto the stage.

The last time I saw the 9th live was at the Royal Festival Hall when I was a student, so at least 25 years ago! I'm not the biggest fan of the 9th. At home I'm more likely to sit down and listen to the 5th or the 7th for fun. But last night I was almost in tears at the end it was so great. Maybe it's one that's best heard live rather than as a recording. Now I want to see it live whenever I can. A little bird (well, a cellist I know on Twitter, who lives in the same city as me) tells me she'll be performing it in December this year near where I live, so maybe I'll get to go to that.

And of course the topper for the whole day is that yesterday was the start of a four day weekend in the UK. Woohoo!
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March Books

Terry Pratchett's death in March prompted me to reread one and listen to the audiobooks of a couple more. And it continues! Coming next month I've got Raising Steam to read and have the Monstrous Regiment audiobook waiting.
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Ass back in gear

Got writing again and did a little over 3000 words this morning. Starting to get into the zone now with the story. I think I will do CampNaNoWriMo in April, to give me a boost to keep my word count going. This one is kind of new territory for me. It's the F/F novel, which okay, is a bit new, but I have done that before. The main difference is, is that it's a contemporary romance. Not any other kind of genre. It's kind of weird. I've only done that in shorts before. But I'm finding the way.
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Bit of burnout

I've been taking a couple of days off writing. Felt a bit burned out. So I've been chilling and getting plenty of sleep. But I'll get back to it this weekend.

Stomach status! ;-) Acid seemed to be coming back since finishing the medication on Monday. But then the last two days it wasn't quite so bad. Possibly because yesterday I had only one shot of decaf coffee all day and today I had no coffee at all. Coffee can definitely be a trigger for heartburn and reflux, so it could be that it's one of mine. I might have to give up coffee entirely. Gawd. Going to the doc's on Monday again anyway, to follow up on what the next step is.
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Milestone total reached!

Reached 10,000 words in the current draft in progress. Yay! Once you hit 10k you've gotta keep going, you've come so far already. In the case of my characters, from California to Las Vegas. Is that a long way? To a British person maybe. Just a short hop to Americans.

Keeping an eye on my stomach. LOL. Not literally. No full on heartburn yet, but feel a but acidy. It will take a few days for the effect of the medication to wear off, so will know by the weekend whether new diet is helping. Gotta cut down more on coffee I reckon. Maybe even go fully decaf as far as coffee is concerned. Yikes!

But the mornings are getting lighter earlier all the time, so that's as good as coffee for waking me up.

This evening I finished and sent off the blur and cover art request forms for upcoming release. Another step closer to book number 11. :D

And earlier I was trying to think up some topics to blog on. The one for this Saturday is set up alraedy, but other than that the editorial calendar (okay, that note in Evernote I rather grandly call "Editorial Calendar" is look sparse. Need some blog bunnies. I think I've given all the writing advice I can give! I don't know anything else! Well, I'm sure I'll come up with something to waffle about.
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Someone uploaded a load of episodes of 60s spy drama, I Spy onto You Tube, which kept me up too late last night and now I am knackered and need to go to bed early.

Today was the first day off the medicine that keeps my stomach from making too much acid. Now I have to see if the heartburn and reflux comes back. If so, it's back to the doc's for more investigation. They're already ruled out the heliobacter pylori virus (which is a shame as that's fairly easy to treat.) Hope I don't have an ulcer. I have been working on changing the diet the last few weeks to see if that helps. Had to give up bread and wine. Fatty food is dodgy too.

Well, I will see how it goes.
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It's too cloudy - oh wait!

It looked like I was going to be one of the people in the UK railing at the clouds for hiding the sun on the day of a near total solar eclipse. But then the sun found a gap in the clouds right at the crucial moment. Yay! Lucky break. Earlier in the week cloud cover kept me from seeing the Northern Lights, which should otherwise have been visible. I am determined to see them! I am always unlucky. I can see I'm going to have to go to the Dark Sky Park up in Northumberland for a glimpse. (That's an area of the National Park with no light pollution, so you can see the night sky properly. A rare thing in this little island.

Busy bee. Words on the draft today, then publisher edits for the paranormal story I have coming out in summer. And the concert at the Sage was fantastic last night. Next month is Beethoven's 9th Symphony, which will be only the second time I've seen that live.
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Writing and getting out more

I didn't get any words yesterday - boo! I was still feeling a bit crap. Did some busywork and read instead. But today I got 1018 words, so back on the horse after a zombie day. No more words today as I'm off out to a classical music concert tonight at the Sage Gateshead.

I've also set up my blog post for the weekend - a tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett. Watch out for that on Saturday. I got that done this afternoon after I decided to take a good weather-induced half day off work. It's lovely and sunny today. But is going to be cloudy again tomorrow. You've gotta grab the sun when you can in this country.